Decoupling FROM SINGLE SOURCe dependancy

The world is transitioning from an Asian focused, Single Source Supply Chain to a bifurcated and decentralized one based on shared values and proximity to market. IGP has extensive relationships with suppliers located in North America, Europe, and MENA allowing for quick integration of technology, capacity, and processes. We help Government and Companies navigate this rapidly changing world to mitigate risk and positivly impact their bottom lines.

International Business Services

The rules of international business are being rewritten; trade flows and capital flows are structurally changing. Trade is becoming regionlized and the post WWII international economic order is breaking down: the British Pound and the Euro are under enormous pressure while the US dollar continues to rise. The Chinese Yuan is not a floating currency and limited in its use. IGP is helping governments and companies recognize the shifting economic patterns of deglobalization thereby changing the future one project at a time.

Flags from different countries