Grön Fuels – Renewable Diesel Refinery

Grön Fuels, LLC is a new $9.2 billion renewable fuels complex in West ...

Air Products Announce $4.5 Billion Blue Hydrogen Clean Energy Complex

Gov. John Bel Edwards and Air Products’ Chairman, President and CEO Seifi Ghasemi announced the company will develop a $4.5 billion clean energy complex ...

Solar power offers $6 billion opportunity for Louisiana, researchers say

Experts worry state climate task force is looking in wrong direction ...

Louisiana Proposes 5 GW of Offshore Wind for Gulf of Mexico

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards’ Climate Initiatives Task Force submitted its Climate Action Plan ...

World's biggest offshore wind developers eyeing Louisiana for Gulf's first turbines

Texas has stronger winds, but Louisiana offers more political support, German energy company says.

High Energy Prices Could Cause Manufacturers To Flee Europe

Soaring energy costs in Europe are shutting down businesses and threatening a bloc-wide recession ...

Of all of Louisiana’s LNG players, this company is poised to be the biggest

At the southwestern edge of Louisiana’s withering Gulf of Mexico coastline...

Newsom’s new infrastructure czar

Gov. Gavin Newsom declared Antonio Villaraigosa his new infrastructure czar Thursday in a shrewd political maneuver ...

US unveils draft national clean hydrogen strategy and roadmap — with three key priorities

Document focuses on high-impact uses, cost reduction and regional H2 networks — and sets new long-term production goals

Catastrophic Grid Failure Causing Widespread Blackouts In Nigeria

Nigeria's national electricity grid woes show no signs of abating with the grid collapsing again, leaving many parts of the country without power.

IEA Head Warns "Wild West" Energy Scenario Could Unravel Europe

The unity of EU member states could be in jeopardy as a dark winter fast approaches set to trigger a 'continental scramble' for energy resources.

The hydrogen colour spectrum

From green to pink hydrogen, we reveal the rainbow of hydrogen colours and the different types of technology used to produce each.

Oil and Gas’s Pivot to Blue Hydrogen Is Falling Through

And that’s a really, really good thing.

What’s wrong with ESG ratings?

About a year ago, the Brookings Institution held a panel discussion regarding the role that the SEC should play in ESG investing and invited SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce to speak at the panel.

Harvard | ESG Global Study 2022

ESG adoption is on the rise, fuelled by client demand and a desire to make an impact. As ESG momentum continues to gain steam, investors are refining and evolving their strategies.

The UK Is Reviewing Its Net-Zero Strategy In A Bid To Ensure Energy Security