IGP brings together Infrastructure Funds, Investors, States and Local Governments, a multitude of Supplier Companies and their experts which cover a full range of sectors, including biodiversity, closed-loop, carbon management, sustainable agriculture, transition financing, water management, innovative supply chain solutions and across all sectors which support our clients around the world. We specialize in identifying suppliers from Europe, MENA and North America.

Why we do it!

As demonstrated by COP26, when it comes to Carbon Management, it’s critical to listen and engage all stakeholders from State and local government, shareholders, communities, and climate activists. By engaging all stakeholders, we take energy diversification from the street to the boardroom. We turn passion into strategy and, ultimately, real carbon and methane action. There is a need for businesses to lead and bring all stakeholders together to work together in a realistic manner toward this common goal, because solving the climate crisis is now everybody’s business.

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