Jonathan Bass

Having worked on five different continents over the last four decades, Jonathan Bass has built a career as an international entrepreneur and philanthropist. His experience and insights have been tapped by clients and companies around the world, often to open up new markets.  Currently, he is the Chairman of, a company that brings together Infrastructure Funds, Investors, and Governments, and has been and continues to be a leading voice in the movement from dirty to clean energy around the world. He is also the President of Global Development for The Azur Hotel Group, a new hotel management company, looking to make inroads in the Middle East and Africa and expects to announce it’s first hotel in the coming months. Most recently, he was Chief Executive Officer and owner of PTM Images, the leading manufacturer of home décor in North America. Focusing on upholstery and hospitality, PTM Images had one of the largest furniture production facilities on the continent and has operated for over 25 years.  He originally manufactured in China, but swiftly moved operations to both North and South America, manufacturing furniture for some of the largest hotels and furniture chains around the globe. Jonathan started his career doing business in Africa and then pivoted into sports fashion, spearheading the development of footwear under the trademark of HEAD Golf. Over the years he has made his mark as the first license holder for the PGA TOUR, the president of Mens footwear at Guess, and again by breaking ground on what would become the largest home décor manufacturing facility in North America. As a philanthropist, Jonathan serves on the executive board of Jewish World Watch (JWW), a human rights organization working with people and NGO's of all faiths and cultures fighting against genocide and mass atrocities. He is at the forefront of JWW's advocacy and government relations efforts, cultivating policy and awareness of global systematic, targeted persecution. He is also a long time supporter of and activist for the Simon Wiesenthal Center and Museum of Tolerance, a leading international Jewish human rights organization that confronts anti-Semitism, hate, and terrorism around the globe.  During the Abraham Accords, he played a vital behind the scenes role connecting key figures overseas to the US government. Jonathan can frequently been found quoted in publications like Newsweek, The Hill, The Epoch Times and the National Interest.  Many recognize his name from discussions on Fox News about the global supply chain. Jonathan splits his time between Los Angeles, Washington, DC and the Middle East.